Liberals Outraged at Ellen and Bush

Liberals Outraged at Ellen and Bush

Do you agree with everything that comes out of the mouths of your friends and family?

Liberals tend to be hyper-obsessed with creating a safe space where everyone shares the same ideology and, thus, cannot harm each other. That is, of course, a totally unrealistic expectation of anyone. Everyone disagrees eventually, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush hardly see eye-to-eye with each other politically, but they were able to enjoy a football game together. Ellen shares her thoughts on the controversy surrounding this event below.

If two public figures on opposite ends of the political spectrum can get along, then why can’t the rest of the country? Think of how much we could accomplish in this country if we could just put aside our differences and work together to build a better United States of America.

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