Liberalism Has Trapped the Poor — Conservatives Have the Solutions to Opportunity and Freedom

Liberalism Has Trapped the Poor — Conservatives Have the Solutions to Opportunity and Freedom

For decades, the political Left has failed to fulfill its promises for the poor. Big government programs like food stamps and Medicaid, among many others, have continued to grow and while many programs provide a safety net, they don’t solve the underlying problems of poverty.

Yet, liberal Democrats are promising the world… free college, free healthcare, make the rich pay their “fair share” — it all sounds good but in the end, it can’t pass the reality check.

In his book titled “The Conservative Heart,” Arthur C. Brooks talks about the underlying issues of why conservatives have ceded the issue of poverty to the liberals and how to change it. He argues it has more to do with the way we think than by the policies we espouse.

Conservatives have the answers yet have not made the case that what we really care about is people… not the money.

LIberal policies have only succeeded in trapping people in government dependency and often treat work as a punishment. Liberal politicians attempt to help the poor through government redistribution and often make bad situations even worse.

The reality is big government programs have reduced opportunities for the poor, reduced the ability for the private sector to hire them, leave people dependent on the state and split the country into two Americas.

Conservatives have the 40-year proof that liberal policies don’t help the poor. What Conservatives don’t have is the belief of the public that we care about the problems of the poor and genuinely desire to help them achieve their dreams.

Conservatives Must Address Poverty

Poverty and opportunity isn’t something conservatives talk much about. However, it must be addressed.

Those trapped in poverty need us to stop losing!

All Liberals have done is to make poverty slightly less painful and more tolerable, but failed to make it less permanent.

Conservative ideas work but the case has not been effectively made… it’s time to change that.

The truth is that people know charity is important, but what the poor really want is investment and opportunity. They want a chance and need a hand-up, not a handout.

The poor are not a burden on society. They are an untapped source of strength, opportunity and growth. It’s up to Conservatives to have the optimism and confidence to help them as they build their lives.

Champion People, Not Policies

Conservatives have a bad habit of talking about why a policy is good or bad. For example, it’s true that raising the minimum wage will discourage hiring and hurt those it’s intended to help. Okay, how does that help our cause? Other than us, who cares?

What if the argument is really about being a champion for the poor and helping them see daylight so they can move up the ladder quickly and not have to rely on entry-level minimum wage jobs as a career?

What if they can meet real people who came from poverty and can be inspired to make a change and forge a path to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations?

Conservatives have the policies to reduce dependency on government and need to stop talking about what they are against and start talking about what they are for: an opportunity society that empowers power to discover and fulfill their dreams.

The mechanisms are there, what isn’t available to the poor is someone telling them they have value, hope and opportunity if they want it.

LIberalism has failed the poor and there are too many people in America being left behind.

We are one America and it’s time Conservatives bring people together and show one another that it is possible to get out of poverty and live a life of opportunity and freedom from dependence.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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