Liberal Press Spins Deluded Claims GOP Is Evil and Wants to End Democracy

Liberal Press Spins Deluded Claims GOP Is Evil and Wants to End Democracy

( – Over the last 40 years, the media has moved away from the appearance of objectivity to blatant liberal partisanship. In the 1970s and 1980s, few, if anyone, knew the political leanings of famed CBS News anchor Howard Cronkite. He told the news like it was, not how he wished it to be. Yet, Cronkite considered himself a liberal Democrat. Today, objectivity doesn’t exist in any newsroom.

Let’s not make the mistake of believing the news was ever pure or non-partisan. During and after the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers started newspapers for the explicit purpose of persuading the public and demeaning their political opposition. Since the Civil War and through the 1900s, the US remained largely unified. The media contributed to much of the pro-American sentiment.

Now, it’s so delusional in the wake of the January 6 riot that some in the media are laying the groundwork to suggest the GOP will attempt a coup in 2024. They decided that the entire Republican Party is evil, and a vote for a Republican is a vote to end democracy.

How Delusional Is the Liberal Media?

For the better part of four years, the liberal media pushed the fake Russian collusion narrative. Its goal was evident: paint former President Donald Trump as illegitimate, undermine the presidency itself, and ultimately expel Trump from office. After that failed, the liberal media turned its focus and wrath on the January 6 riot. Since then, every Republican has been guilty of supporting it in the media unless proven otherwise.

On Sunday, December 12, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd asked political analyst John Heilemann if it was hyperbolic to ask if the GOP was planning a coup in 2024. Heilmann emphatically stated it wasn’t hyperbolic, or an exaggeration, to arrive at that conclusion.

How in the world did they arrive at such a conspiracy theory?

Heilemann said that 8% to 12% of Americans believe Biden is illegitimate and that it’s okay to use violence to remove him and restore Trump. So, he believes that 20 to 30 million people or more are preparing for revolution through a mass movement of political violence?

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank believes America is in an “existential struggle between self-governance and an authoritarian regime.” He argued that journalists should abandon objectivity and embrace the Democratic Party.

There’s more. Much more. There isn’t enough room on the screen or desire by most to read all the delusional statements from the far-left media.

January 6 Is the New Holy Grail of the Democratic Party, and It Doesn’t End There

First, let’s not fail to mention that newsrooms are largely run by Democrats. Even the Washington Post says only 7% of reporters are Republicans. With January 6 as the backdrop, the media and their Democratic allies continually exaggerate what happened on that fateful day to justify their delusion. The reality is that the FBI arrested over 700 people for crimes on that day. The Justice Department is prosecuting them for their crimes. If a larger plot existed to overthrow the government, shouldn’t someone know about it by now?

The media suggested that changes to GOP-led state election laws amounted to a threat against the country. It was an exaggerated and disingenuous reaction. The Supreme Court and an appeals court found election reform laws acceptable last spring and summer. If you think…

  • Expanding voting hours
  • Allowing drop boxes by statute instead of executive fiat
  • Adding voter ID requirements
  • Decreasing the number of days someone has to request a mail-in ballot

…are threats to democracy, you might be wrong. These laws are less stringent than in the Democratic strongholds of New York and Delaware.

America is not locked in a battle within itself over democracy. Democrats and their cohorts in the media are trying to intimidate America into abandoning the GOP. According to the most recent polling, Republicans enjoy a 10-point advantage over Democrats among likely voters. The media’s propaganda campaign is failing.

It’s just more delusion from a party the country is rejecting for taking America in the wrong direction.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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