Liberal City Sued Over Earmarking Taxpayer Funds for Abortion

Liberal City Sued Over Earmarking Taxpayer Funds for Abortion

This Liberal City Charged For Illegal Use of Taxpayer Money For Their Own Agenda

( – Philadelphia is facing a lawsuit over illegally using public money. The mayor openly admits channeling city funds to a group that helps women get abortions. This violates state law, and now residents want it to stop.

On August 16, two Philadelphia residents, Charles and Theresa Kuhar, filed a lawsuit against the city’s mayor, Jim Kenney (D) and two other city officials. The suit alleges that he has illegally given half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money to a group that helps women receive abortions.

It’s clear that Kenney has helped finance abortions. On August 4, he announced the transfer of $500,000 to the Abortion Liberation Fund of Pennsylvania (ALF-PA). The Fund gives emergency payments to women who want an abortion and can’t cover the costs themselves. Claiming “Abortion is healthcare,” Kenney insisted that the procedure is legal in Pennsylvania and said the money is to make it more accessible.

Abortion is legal in Pennsylvania, but what definitely isn’t legal is using taxpayer money to finance it. Section 453 of the Pennsylvania Human Services Code says no state or federal funds “shall be expended by any State or local government agency” on performing terminations, while the state’s Abortion Control Act only allows tax dollars to be used to save the mother’s life or in cases of rape or interest. ALF-PA helps women who want one for any reason, so it could be very hard for Kenney to prove to a judge that financing them is within the law.

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