Liberal Agenda Get Millions in Funding From Federal Agencies

Liberal Agenda Get Millions in Funding From Federal Agencies

( – Americans hear a lot about the Democrat’s love for “tax and spend” policies. But they don’t always hear much about how the leftist agenda plays out regarding tax dollar allocation. Recent reports shed some light on how Liberals rake in millions in funding from federal agencies.

In mid-January, Fox News reported that a progressive pro-immigrant non-profit group called the Vera Institute of Justice received a $164 million contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services.

A detailed report published by, the US government’s official spending monitoring site, indicated the institute uses taxpayer funding to secure contractors to “provide immigration-related legal services” to unaccompanied migrant children.

On February 5, a new report by Just the News detailed five additional contracts awarded to the Vera Institute through the US Department of Justice.

Similar to the HHS contract, the DOJ-sponsored funding provided $36.8 million to the group to provide legal services to unaccompanied immigrant minors’ custodians, a family group legal orientation program, and other migrant-related services.

By law, migrants are not afforded access to free legal representation provided by the government.

Immigration Reform Law Institute associate investigator Jason Hopkins recently confirmed the Vera Institute is a vast leftist group with an annual operating budget in the tens of millions used “to fund a slate of progressive causes and initiatives [nationwide].”

What do you think about the Biden administration bypassing the law and using your hard-earned tax dollars to fund programs for migrants?

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