Legislators Butt Heads Over Trump’s Economic Plans

Legislators Butt Heads Over Trump's Economic Plans

(RightWing.org) – It seems that there’s only a brief period of time where a Democrat can agree with President Trump before they lose political clout. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally agreed with Trump that America needs to reopen the economy soon. However, that moment of agreement apparently passed as quickly as it came.

During NBC’s “Today” show, Cuomo said that “If [Trump] pushed it to that absurd point, then we would have a problem” referring to Trump’s economic plans. Meanwhile, Cuomo and governors from multiple east coast states are hatching a plan to kickstart their economies again as soon as possible.

This comes as Trump is reportedly set to make an announcement of the unveiling of his economic plans within the next few days.

Cuomo and other Democrat governors can’t be seen agreeing with Trump. That would ruin their narrative of “Trump does everything wrong.” Even when the president is making the best decisions he can in the position he’s in, it’s never enough.

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