Leftists Target Federal Officers — At HOME

Leftists Target Federal Officers -- At HOME

(RightWing.org) – The Left is complaining that federal law enforcement personnel deployed to end the rioting in Portland, OR, have removed their name badges. Now, a senior federal officer has revealed why they’ve ditched their IDs.


A federal law enforcement chief told reporters Wednesday that officers working to restore law and order in Portland are being put in danger by the release of their personal details online.

  • Richard Cline, deputy operations director of the Federal Protective Service, told a press conference that dozens of peace officers currently deployed to Portland have had their personal details distributed by left-wing agitators. Around 38 officers have been affected so far, Cline says.
  • As well as circulating the names of officers, activists have also posted their addresses and urged extremists to go to their homes. As many of the rioters are violent, this obviously endangers the lives of officers and their families.
  • To protect officers’ identities, name badges have been removed for now. Cline said that new badges will be issued that show the officer’s badge number instead of their name. This will allow legitimate complaints to be made, but will also make it harder for rioters to identify potential victims, keeping officers and their families safer.
  • Local politicians and left-wing leaders have protested that “unidentified” officers have been arresting suspected ringleaders responsible for the violence that’s plagued the Oregon city for almost two months now. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disagrees, pointing out that officers are clearly identified with the logo of the agency they work for.
  • Portland city authorities say, so far, rioting and looting have caused $23 million in losses to local businesses – but they’ve done nothing to stop the unrest and are protesting at federal law enforcement stepping in.
  • Last week, acting Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf, harshly criticized officials in both Portland and the Oregon state government for their inaction. He says failure to confront the rioters has emboldened them.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) has been a particularly vocal critic, whining that federal officers should stay indoors or leave the city – but also demanding they clean up graffiti on federal buildings. Wheeler seems to be missing the point that, if he’d done something about the rioting himself, maybe that graffiti would never have been sprayed there by the criminal leftist mob in the first place.

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