Leftist Protesters Show Disrespect at Rally

Leftist Protesters Show Disrespect at Rally

Is nothing sacred to the modern Left? Is there no occasion when respect will overcome their hyper-partisan dislike of President Trump? After a disgraceful display at Monday’s Veterans Day event in New York City, it looks like the answer is a loud, clear “No” — the Left will stop at nothing to harass and insult the president.


President Trump made history on Monday when he became the first sitting president to attend New York City’s Veterans Day parade. It was a typical tribute from Trump to our veterans — but also, considering his rocky relationship with New York, a bold move and a calculated risk.

  • The president took a major role in the day’s tributes, giving a speech to a crowd on Fifth Avenue honoring the contribution veterans have made to our security. Later he joined in the wreath-laying ceremony.
  • However, left-wing protestors attempted to disrupt the event, not caring about the disrespect they were showing to veterans and the fallen.
  • Reporters covering the event tweeted that protestors were blowing loud whistles and chanting “Lock him up!” throughout the ceremony.
  • Others yelled “Traitor” at the president. Maggie Haberman of the New York Times said that the noise was “incredibly loud.”
  • Signs were also displayed, carrying messages like “Dump Trump.”
  • The president has recently changed his official primary residence from New York to Florida, citing high state taxes as one reason — and harassment from the Democrat-dominated state government as another.
  • Last week, the Trump Foundation was ordered by a New York court to pay $2 million to various charities for alleged improper administration. The president has harshly criticized the ruling, calling it politically motivated.
  • New York state attorneys have also run a persistent campaign attempting to force President Trump to publicly release his tax returns — which he isn’t legally required to do.
  • There’s no suggestion that state authorities collaborated in Monday’s protests, but when politicians and even judges show such disrespect to the president, it’s no surprise that others in the state feel they can do the same. President Trump made a magnanimous gesture in attending New York’s parade; it’s a pity some of the city’s residents couldn’t respond with equal respect.

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