Leftist Group Uses Student's Death To Push Gun Control, Faces Backlash

Every murder is a tragedy, but there’s something uniquely awful about school shootings. They’re an attack on the future of a community, as well as a slaughter of innocent children. After horrific events like this, people want to mourn, cope with their loss as well as they can and start the process of moving on. Well, most people want to do that. What does the Left want to do? Have a political rally, of course.


On Tuesday, May 7th, two attackers — believed to be students — went on a rampage at STEM School Highlands Ranch in the southern suburbs of Denver, Colorado. By the time the shooting stopped one student was dead and eight more injured — and it’s likely to have been a lot more if sheriff’s deputies hadn’t been on the scene inside two minutes of the assault beginning. The next day, a vigil in memory of murdered student Kendrick Castillo was announced.

  • Parents and students expected a respectful event to remember a dead classmate and pray for those left injured or bereaved by the attack. Instead, they found themselves at a hard-left propaganda session.
  • The vigil was quickly hijacked by Laura Reeves of Moms Demand Action, ostensibly an anti-gun group that was founded by far-left activist Shannon Watts. Reeves was joined by a clutch of Democrat politicians. All of them had one aim — to demand gun control.
  • Many parents were furious at the politicization of the vigil. For students who’d been under fire the day before and were now grieving the loss of a friend, the effect was traumatic; their healing process was interrupted — almost before it could begin — by a series of political tirades.
  • Reeves harangued the students about why they should vote for anti-gun Democrat candidates who would push for stricter laws; she totally overlooked the purpose of the event in her drive to win recruits. Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) — both Democrats — joined in the propaganda, although they weren’t as insensitive as Reeves — at least they managed to mention Castillo’s death.
  • The students were at first shocked at the disrespect shown to their loss — and then they were furious. Dozens walked out of the event, with many later taking to social media to complain. Reeves’s comments were described as “dystopian” and disconnected from reality.
  • Denver police believe the guns used in the attack were illegally obtained. Tighter gun control laws wouldn’t have made any difference.