Left Tries to Take the Midterms

Left Tries to Take the Midterms
Left Tries to Take the Midterms

It’s categorically classic for the left to try and spin the media in their favor, especially when an election is right around the corner. With November’s midterm elections just around the corner, the frenzied fight to gain your attention has once more reached a fever pitch – from both sides. If all of the chaos has you questioning what’s real and what’s the product of partisanship, let us help you strip back the nonsense and take a closer look at the real, nitty-gritty information you need to make an informed decision.


Gay Rights – including both gay marriage and transgender bathroom laws. In states like Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where LGBTQ rights are top priority, Democrats may be able to swing more votes by catering to this particular group. That could mean firmer protections that force faith-based Americans into a corner.
While nearly 70 percent of all Democrats now support gay marriage, USA Today predicts that support is closer to just 47 percent for Republicans. A vote for the Democrats almost certainly guarantees transgender bathroom rights and forces people to work with LGBTQ people, even if they’re Christian.
Pre-Existing Conditions – Healthcare is the second-most important hot topic during this year’s midterm elections. Unfortunately, most of the debate is centered on a non-issue – the idea that Republicans (specifically, Donald Trump) want to eliminate pre-existing condition protections.
The problem with this issue is that it really isn’t true or fair to Republicans. Truthfully, the ACA’s pre-existing condition protections actually have significant and extensive bipartisan support from both sides. And Republicans just told voters last summer that they want to keep those protections long-term.
Women’s Rights – The #MeToo movement has sparked fear, outrage, anxiety and confusion all across the country. Some of that confusion stems from the shock we are all experiencing at learning just how many women really experience sexual assault or abuse, but it’s hard not to be concerned by how readily some would hand over the right to due process. Kavanaugh’s “trial by media” is the perfect example of this in action.
Make no mistake – the women’s right movement, and even the movement to hold more sexual predators responsible for their crimes, both have bipartisan support. But the problem with the left is that they would would toss out due process in favor of a fast crucifixion by what is often mere opinion or conjecture. The right, on the other hand, just wants real justice.
International Security – A Bloomberg article from just a few weeks ago revealed how Chinese hackers managed to gain access to networks for nearly 30 of America’s largest companies and our own government. Tiny clandestine chips installed on Supermicro motherboards at some point between production and end user activation granted access to a wealth of information.
China’s hacking attempt is raising questions about everything from election security at home to interference from other countries, like Russia and China. Of course, the left is using this as an attempt to decry the President’s win, but it’s more about the future and how we protect ourselves going forward. Many Republicans support tighter regulations and tariffs on problem countries.
The Economy – Trump’s tweet says it best: “The GDP Rate (4.2%) is higher than the Unemployment Rate (3.9%) for the first time in over 100 years!” Add to that trillion-dollar tax cuts, more federal spending where it’s needed most, and U.S. stocks currently reaching record highs for the first time in years. It’s impossible to deny that Republicans have been good for our economy.
Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Democrats claim this is a limited picture and that most of the changes came through Obama. While Trump’s current economic trajectory may slow, with the unemployment rate rising and the GDP falling to 2 percent again, he still has plenty to offer. Support from Republicans will give him the strength to do what he needs to do to succeed.