Left Outraged Over Biden Tactic

Left Outraged Over Biden Tactic

(RightWing.org) – Joe Biden, former vice president and presumptive Democrat nominee for president, has been steadily building a reputation for embarrassing gaffes. Now, it looks like he’s made another one – this time by causing a public breach in his own party. Are Democrats supposed to support China or not? If anyone knows, please tell them; they look like they’re a bit confused.


Joe Biden attempted to score points off President Trump on Saturday, accusing the administration of being too soft on China. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that half of his own party thinks the administration’s being too hard on China.

  • Since the coronavirus pandemic started in Wuhan, China, President Trump has worked hard to protect the American people from infection. Early in the crisis, he tried to buy time by banning travelers from China entering the US – a move smeared as “racist” by left-wing critics.
  • Since then, the president hasn’t hesitated to say who’s really responsible for this global catastrophe. He’s faced criticism for calling it “the Chinese virus,” but that criticism has been coming from left-wing activists and the mainstream media (MSM). The American people seem to be with Trump on this one.
  • Perhaps sensing the way public opinion is moving, Biden tried to outflank the president to the right. On Saturday, he accused Trump of “rolling over for the Chinese” because of some exemptions to the travel ban.
  • Biden’s own supporters cheered the move, but it’s attracted furious criticism from the Left of the Democratic Party. Hard-liners are accusing Biden of “racism,” even though his criticism was aimed at the Chinese regime and its attempts to cover up the virus.
  • Freelance journalist Walker Bragman, whose Patreon page claims he “shaped the dynamics” of the Dem nomination race, called Biden’s statement “xenophobic messaging” – while also blaming China for shortages of medical supplies.

  • Cecillia Wang, a civil rights lawyer and vocal Trump opponent, accused Biden of “trying to out-Trump Trump” and “fearmongering,” while The Nation editor Christopher Shay called Biden’s words “devastatingly racist.”

The uproar isn’t likely to cost Biden any support among his moderate base, but it’s driven another wedge between him and the party’s radical wing. In 2016, many of Bernie Sanders’s far-left supporters, alienated by the mainstream candidate, refused to vote; some even supported Trump. If Biden keeps annoying them, he’s just making the president’s next victory even more likely.

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