Left Goes Silent as Kavanaugh Report and Recants Released

Left Goes Silent as Kavanaugh Report and Recants Released
Left Goes Silent as Kavanaugh Report and Recants Released

Remember all those cries from the Left just a couple of weeks ago over Brett Kavanaugh’s guilt? Remember how strongly they felt about believing the women who accused Kavanaugh of assault?
Now, here’s the other side – the reason why so many of us were concerned about point-blank accepting what each of these women said. It turns out more than one of the women doing the accusing has recanted and admitted the whole fiasco was little more than a lie made up in a moment of anger.
And the Left? Well, they certainly aren’t speaking up on this issue, that’s for sure. But we believe in the facts and your right to know the truth. We’ll step in and fill the silence with what we’ve discovered in the recent Kavanaugh report and from accusers who have recanted.


• First, the Senate Judiciary Committee finally released its report on the Kavanaugh investigation on November 3. It found absolutely no evidence to support any of the misconduct claims levied against him.
• The massive, 414–page report contains an overwhelming amount of information, including testimonies from all witnesses and victims. Yet, it didn’t even find plausibly deniable evidence among all of those reports and snippets; it found zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch!
• The report also indicated that none of the over 40 witnesses interviewed during the Kavanaugh investigation could corroborate their claims. Nor was anyone able to provide even a shred of evidence that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted women routinely in high school or college.
• “After an extensive investigation that included the thorough review of all potentially credible evidence submitted and interviews of more than 40 individuals with information relating to the allegations, including classmates and friends of all those involved,” the report reads, “Committee investigators found no witness who could provide any verifiable evidence to support any of the allegations brought against Justice Kavanaugh.”
• Deborah Ramirez, who accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her in college at a drinking party, has consistently showed confusion over exactly who the perpetrator really was. Even though she herself admitted confusion, nearly 2,000 women from Yale signed their support for her. Her claims remain unproven.
• Julie Swetnick, who claimed she was gang raped by Kavanaugh and his friends at a college party, also failed to prove her accusations. In fact, investigations revealed that she herself had been sued for false allegations in the past – as well as “unwelcome sexual advances” during her time working at WebTrends in Portland. Her claims remain unproven, and she is currently being investigated by the FBI.
• The “anonymous” accuser who sent in a letter detailing graphic sexual assault at the hands of Kavanaugh? That was proven to be false, too. It turns out it was Judy Munro-Leighton from Kentucky who wrote that note – and she fully recanted. Instead, she sent the letter as a “tactic” in hopes of preventing Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
• President Trump had the gumption to tweet what many of us have been thinking since this news first broke two days ago. “A vicious accuser of Justice Kavanaugh has just admitted that she was lying, her story was totally made up, or FAKE! Can you imagine if he didn’t become a Justice of the Supreme Court because of her disgusting False Statements. What about the others? Where are the Dems on this?”
Yes, indeed – where are the Dems? Isn’t being defended from false accusations just as important as defending the victims of a crime?