Left Continues to Attack Itself

Left Continues To Eat Itself

(RightWing.org) – It’s starting to look like Liberals don’t actually want to win this year’s election. The American Left is rapidly breaking into factions that spend a lot more energy attacking each other than trying to build a sensible platform that might appeal to voters. The latest victim is former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who isn’t quite extreme enough to satisfy green activists.


Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign hit a speedbump last Friday when a mob of environmental protesters turned up at a campaign event in New Hampshire to complain about his alleged links to the energy industry.

  • Buttigieg, like almost all the Dem presidential wannabes, has pledged to follow a series of green policies that will devastate the US economy. By any reasonable standards, he’s a hard-line environmentalist.
  • He’s not hard-line enough for his opponents’ followers, though. As he addressed a New Hampshire town hall meeting, a group of protesters suddenly stood up, holding signs that said: “Pete takes money from fossil fuel billionaires.”
  • A spokesman for the protesters said later, “Pete Buttigieg hosted a fundraiser in a wine cellar or wine cave with Craig Hall, who runs a firm that funds fossil fuel infrastructure projects. As a young person who’s really concerned about climate change and knows that our lives are threatened by the climate crisis, we cannot have a president who is taking money from fossil-fuel executives.”
  • In fact, Buttigieg has pledged to make the US economy “carbon neutral” by 2050, and he even supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s lunatic “Green New Deal,” which would basically destroy the economy.
  • The wine cellar fundraiser has been mentioned before though — back in November, when rival candidate Elizabeth Warren blasted Buttigieg over this “link” to the energy industry.
  • Is it a coincidence that Alison Frisella, a college campus organizer who took part in the protest, also happens to be a volunteer for Warren? Maybe — or maybe the far-left candidate is trying to sabotage her rivals.
  • If she was, she isn’t the only one. Several of the protesters belong to a far-left group called Rights & Democracy NH — and that group supports socialist antique Bernie Sanders. They’ve also disrupted Joe Biden’s events before.
  • Buttigieg hit back at the protesters, telling them “I see some inaccurate information going up here” and reminding them of his carbon reduction pledges. He was also supported by Rep. Annie Kuster (D-NH), who told the meeting, “We have Democratic candidates in the Iowa caucuses who are tearing each down rather than lifting our country up with a strong coalition of interests and ideas” — a thinly disguised swipe at Sanders and Warren. That can’t have impressed their followers much.

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