Leaked Gun Documents Could Affect Gun Laws in America

Leaked Gun Documents Could Affect Gun Laws in America

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden has given every indication he plans to declare war on the Second Amendment and the firearms industry. On April 7, he announced his administration was taking “six initial actions” to combat gun violence. The following day he nominated David Chipman, a known gun control advocate, to head up the ATF.

A recently leaked document indicates his administration seeks to upend the nation’s firearms industry through the use of an administrative procedure.

Leaked ATF Rule Change

The Reload published a document that appears to be an authentic draft copy of a proposed ATF rule change earlier this year. The document seeks to amend ATF regulations to provide updated regulatory definitions for the terms “frame or receiver” and “firearm frame or receiver” to “capture the full meaning of those terms” for future regulation.

As the NRA-ILA reported, under that rule, many weapon manufacturers would have to get pre-approval to make new firearms from the ATF. This change would also give the head of the ATF “an incredible amount of power” over firearms makers.

The Impact on Small Firearm Manufacturers

The proposed rule would likely have a significant impact on small weapons manufacturers who sell unfinished receivers. For instance, it would force non-Federal Firearms Licensees to get licensed to continue selling certain kinds of firearm parts kits. Otherwise, they would have to sell kits without a frame or receiver. Alternatively, they could sell a frame or a receiver to a customer, but not both.

On the plus side, the ATF can’t accomplish any of this under cover of darkness. The proposed rule change would have to be published by the Federal Register, and interested parties would have 90 days to submit comments for review. We will keep you updated on this breaking story and ways you can push back against the Biden administration’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.

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