Lawsuit Opens Against Whitmer

Lawsuit Opens Against Whitmer

( – It was only a week ago that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) extended the state’s emergency declaration. President Trump called her out, asking her to make a deal with all sides of the political spectrum instead of keeping Michigan shut down. Seeing that Whitmer won’t listen to reason, state GOP officials have now opened a lawsuit against her, challenging the emergency powers extended until May 28.

The suit filed by Republican state leaders accuses Whitmer of abusing her powers during the outbreak.

They’re contesting her authority granted by the Emergency Management Act of 1976 and another emergency powers law from 1945. The 1945 law states that the governor doesn’t need legislative approval to instate “reasonable orders.” GOP officials claim that the law only applies to limited geographical areas and only for civil disturbance emergencies. Regarding the 1976 legislation, a state of emergency extension requires legislative approval, which didn’t happen.

If this lawsuit succeeds, Whitmer could find herself powerless to continue her “emergency” lockdown.

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