Lauren Boebert Slams Kamala Harris for Claiming People Can’t Photocopy IDs

Lauren Boebert Slams Kamala Harris for Claiming People Can't Photocopy IDs

( – Vice President Kamala Harris is facing another tough week after being slammed for disrespecting rural voters. The latest blunder from the administration comes from the Democrats’ opposition to making our elections more secure against fraud.

On July 10, Harris claimed that voter ID laws that require a copy of identification documents make it “almost impossible” for people in rural communities to prove who they are. She said that without access to copy shops like Staples or Kinkos, those voters wouldn’t be able to make copies of their ID.

Harris’s comments got an immediate angry response from Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Boebert didn’t mince words on Twitter.

While Harris was specifically referring to the lack of copy shops in small communities, she showed a serious failure of imagination. Libraries and even government buildings often have photocopiers the public can use, and modern technology opens up new ways to send copies of ID. The issue here is that Harris just doesn’t want voter ID laws because they’re likely to hurt the Democrats.

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