Latest Update to Secure Your Google Account

Latest Update to Secure Your Google Account

( – Government cybersecurity experts have been working overtime in secure facilities scattered across the planet, trying to uncover the full scope of what some officials are calling the computer “hack of the decade.” The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency overseeing cyber operations called the attack on US government networks and computers a “grave risk.”

Meanwhile, Google suffered a global shutdown affecting services requiring a password and login on Monday, December 14. While officials haven’t connected those two events, many Americans remain concerned about a possible breach at Google.

Fortunately, Google users aren’t helpless when facing the possibility of cyber-attacks and hacking attempts. For example, Google offers a free online Security Checkup. With a few strokes of their keyboard, users can have their system checked for any breaches.

Green checkmarks, mean everything is a-okay. But if there are issues, the system will walk you through the necessary steps to secure your computer or device.

Google also has a service to see if your password has been compromised. Additionally, you can set up two-factor authentication on all your devices. If you or anyone else tries to log onto one of your Google-based accounts, it will send a text message to your phone you must use to connect to it.

You will also want to set up alternate ways to confirm your account if you ever get locked out. For instance, you can devise a set of questions and the appropriate answers. Google also offers an Advanced Protection Plan.

You can never play it too safe when maintaining proper security on any of your connected devices. The alternative could be data or identity theft or worse.

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