LA Sheriff Says Vaccine Mandate Is a “Suicide Pact”

LA Sheriff Says Vaccine Mandate Is a

( – Vaccine mandates have taken a horrible toll on America’s national defense, both foreign and domestic. It’s so bad that a Los Angeles’ sheriff recently spoke out against mandates, calling them a “suicide pact.”

On Tuesday, February 8, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva issued a statement blasting the county’s Board of Supervisors for voting to terminate roughly 4,000 of his deputies for not being vaccinated. According to him, the four to one vote (with one abstention) constituted a “suicide pact” on the part of the panel.

Villanueva pointed to aggravating circumstances making the board’s decision particularly dangerous, like the recent 94% increase in the rate of murders in Los Angeles Country. He also pointed out the current hiring freeze inflicted on the Sheriff’s Office by county officials and heightened security needs surrounding Sunday’s Superbowl game.

Sheriff Villanueva stated the Board of Supervisors lacked any factual or legal basis for their decision. According to him, the board hid behind a concocted threat to public safety without any data to support the claim. He also said the supervisors failed to present “even a basic legal opinion,” backing the decision to fire thousands of deputies. He also said the board failed to establish any legal defense for when wrongful dismissal lawsuits inevitably come pouring into the county’s courthouses.

What do you think? Could the action by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors increase the likelihood of other counties taking similar measures to fire law enforcement officials?

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