Kim Plays Hardball in Nuclear Talks

Kim Plays Hardball in Nuclear Talks

A weekend of hope for fruitful conversations with North Korea regarding its nuclear capabilities has turned sour. The talks were intended to be peaceful and chock full of compromise. Instead, America was flat out rejected and the discussions deemed “sickening.”

The full transcript of North Korea’s take on these conversations can be found below:

Kim Jong-un has gone against the good faith efforts put forth by President Trump to establish a healthy and productive relationship. The two have exchanged numerous pleasantries, jokes, and have met many times during 2019. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Kim doesn’t want to reciprocate a meaningful relationship with Trump or establish diplomatic ties with the US.

Though North Korea’s constant missile tests over the last few months have been concerning, Trump was confident he could put an end to them. The nation recently proved they could launch medium-range missiles from a submarine, which was their first submarine test in nearly three years. This has rightfully put Japan extremely on edge.

Still, there is a glimmer of hope. North Korea has been invited to speak in Stockholm in two weeks to continue these discussions. Be assured that President Trump is searching for a way to keep Kim in line.

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