Kim Jong-un’s Possible Nuclear Test Takes Center Stage

Kim Jong-un's Possible Nuclear Test Takes Center Stage

Kim Jong-un’s NUCLEAR TEST Details Swirling – This Is Very Dangerous

( – With global tensions already high after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Korea has decided to stir the pot. The rogue state says it’s now preparing for another nuclear test — and it could be the most dangerous yet.

North Korea’s Stalinist regime has carried out six nuclear tests since 2006; they also fired an array of prototype ballistic missiles. The country is believed to have around 35 nuclear weapons, although most of them are probably crude, low-yield weapons similar to the ones used in WWII. However, the regime is trying to develop more compact warheads that could be mounted on a tactical ballistic missile. This would be a serious threat to US forces in South Korea, if dictator Kim Jong-un decides to invade.

Now there appears to be work going on at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site. A new tunnel has been dug, and could be used for a weapons test. They’ve also erected new buildings at the site, and they’re stockpiling supplies. Last month, the country tested a ballistic missile that could carry a compact warhead. At the time, Kim gave a fiery speech that hinted at nuclear attacks on his enemies.

Meanwhile, China and Russia have cooled on the idea of new sanctions against the Pyongyang regime. North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is still small, but it’s growing — and Kim might just be unstable enough to use it.

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