Kim Jong-un’s Anger Mounts as US and S. Korea Join Forces

Kim Jong-un's Anger Mounts as US and S. Korea Join Forces

Kim Jong-un Anger Is Ratcheting Up – Look What He Just Did

( – Relations between North and South Korea (ROK) appear particularly strained in the wake of South Korea’s recent offer to provide economic aid to its northern neighbor in exchange for disarmament. Kim Jong-un’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong blasted the south’s new President Yoon Suk-yeol, suggesting he “shut his mouth,” in a strongly worded press release. Similarly, recent reports indicate Kim Jong-un’s anger is mounting as the US and ROK join forces.

On August 22, the United States and South Korea launched their largest joint military exercise in four years. Military publication Stars and Stripes reported the combined training comes in the wake of North Korea’s increased weapons testing, which has raised concerns in Washington and Seoul about the country’s nuclear ambitions.

The exercise, code-named Ulchi Freedom Shield, involves nearly half a million military personnel and roughly 4,000 civilians. It’s scheduled to take place through September 1 in South Korean territory and includes war games involving warships, aircraft, and tanks. The cooperation has reportedly sparked Kim Jong-un’s ire.

Kim Jong-un recently claimed the exercises were bringing the Korean Peninsula to “the brink of war.” He also threatened to “wipe out” South Korea’s military forces using nuclear weapons in the event of military action.

German news agency Deutsche Welle published a recent article reporting that Pyongyang considers the US and South Korean military exercise a “dress rehearsal for an invasion.” The broadcaster also pointed out that North Korean forces test-fired two cruise missiles on the Korean Peninsula’s west coast as an apparent show of force shortly before Ulchi Freedom began.

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