Kim Jong-un DENIES US Accusation

Kim Jong-un Denies Report He's Arming Putin

Kim Jong-un Denies Report He’s Arming Putin

( – Defense Department spokesperson Ned Price recently held a press conference with Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry to discuss the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference. Price confirmed that newly declassified intelligence indicated that the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK) was covertly supplying Russia with artillery, prompting a strong denial from the DPRK’s Ministry of National Defense.

On November 8, the DPRK’s vice director for military foreign affairs issued a press statement through the country’s state-run news agency, the KCNA. The statement accused the US of “persistently spreading” the baseless “rumor of arms dealing” to tarnish the country’s standing in the international community.

The vice director also said the DPRK never supplies arms to Russia and has “no plan to do so in the future.” The statement concluded with a thinly-veiled warning that the US should refrain from making future baseless accusations.

Meanwhile, American news agencies reported that Russia sent a trainload of thoroughbred horses to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un the previous week. That shipment marked the first such transfer of items across the countries’ shared border in roughly 2 1/2 years. Likewise, Russia’s Far Eastern Railway confirmed an upcoming shipment of medical supplies to the DPRK.

What do you think? Were these shipments a gift or a payment?

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