Kim Jong-Un Calls Secret Meeting After First Possible COVID Case in North Korea Discovered

Kim Jong Un Calls Secret Meeting After First Possible COVID Case in North Korea Discovered

( – It’s official. COVID-19 may have finally reached North Korea.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Kim Jong Un has just called an emergency meeting in North Korea after the first case of the novel coronavirus has possibly been confirmed in the hermit country.

State of Emergency Declared

The secretive Stalinist regime in Pyongyang has declared a national state of emergency after discovering what they claim is the country’s first case of COVID-19. North Korea has been ridiculed for months over claims they’re unaffected by the disease. Now, the rogue state is blaming its democratic neighbor for infecting them.

The regime says a person who defected to South Korea three years ago returned on July 19 and was put under quarantine. South Korea says they don’t believe the defector has the disease. Nevertheless, reclusive dictator Kim Jong Un called an emergency meeting of the country’s Politburo to discuss the incident. Now the communists have locked down the city closest to where he crossed the border, announced that anyone not wearing a mask will spend three months in a labor camp, and launched an investigation of the military units who let the defector slip through.

North Korean Tensions Growing

It seems like anything that happens in North Korea is an excuse for the regime to start threatening its many enemies, and this is no exception. So far this year they’ve blown up a border building used for meetings between North and South Korea, and threatened the USA with nuclear war. Last week, the regime’s propagandists released photos of Kim’s meeting with his top weapons developers. Western intelligence experts say this is a sign that the rogue Stalinist state is, once more, trying to build up its nuclear arsenal.

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