Kayleigh McEnany Launches Attack at White House Reporters… Video Released

Kayleigh McEnany Launches Attack At White House Reporters... Video Released

(RightWing.org) – Since the election of President Donald Trump, the White House press corps journalists have been a mess. They shout questions during the daily briefings and have attacked all of the press secretaries during the administration, all the way back to Sean Spicer. But Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany isn’t interested in taking their abuse.

During an August 13 interview with Fox News’ “Hannity,” McEnany said journalists aren’t doing their jobs. Instead, they’re “out to elevate their stardom” and to get a “viral moment.” The press secretary explained some of the reporters are there to obtain critical information from the president, and she provides those journalists what they need. However, others are more “interested in serving themselves.”

The press secretary is telling the truth; every press briefing is combative. Reporters like CNN’s Jim Acosta are always aggressive. At a recent press conference, a journalist accused the president of lying all the time to the American people. Every day, time is wasted by people who want to get their faces on television, instead of breaking the news. Liberals are killing journalism.

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