Katie Hill Resigns as Ethics Scandal Grows

Katie Hill Resigns as Ethics Scandal Grows

Disgraced congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) resigned from Congress on Sunday as the scandal around her personal behavior deepened. The controversy began with claims on a political blog that she had been having an affair with her campaign finance manager. Hill denied the allegations, but there were more to come.

According to Hill, the initial allegations began with her estranged husband, who she describes as abusive. However, the actual situation seems to be a lot more confusing than that. Texts and images published by the RedState blog suggest Hill and her husband were engaged in a three-way relationship with one of Hill’s female staffers, which Hill finally ended because of the “political risk.”

It also seems that Hill had an affair with her legislative director Graham Kelly. Kelly also acted as her finance manager during her election campaign, and RedState claims this affair is why Hill’s husband filed for divorce.

On October 23, the House Ethics Committee announced an investigation into the claims against Hill. The same day Hill emailed her staff and admitted to an “inappropriate relationship.” She said this relationship happened before her election — which would have put it outside the scope of the investigation — but it’s believed her three-way affair continued up to this summer. Now Hill seems to have accepted the inevitable and announced her resignation, saying it was “the hardest thing I have ever had to do.”

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