Kari Lake Prepares to Mount US Senate Bid

(RightWing.org) – Kari Lake’s disputed result in the Arizona gubernatorial race was one of the low points of the 2022 election cycle. Her legal battle to overturn the vote continued until July 2023, and might not be over even now. However, it seems she’s found a new goal — the US Senate.

On September 20, POLITICO reported that Lake, whose 2022 gubernatorial bid was endorsed by former president Donald Trump, was eyeing one of Arizona’s Senate seats — and could launch her campaign as soon as October. The report claimed three people “familiar with her plans” had confirmed she wants to run.

Lake herself has been hinting for months that she might run, and it ties in with what she’s been doing since 2022. While never conceding that she lost to Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs, she’s thrown herself into national politics in a big way; in late September alone she spoke at GOP events in Iowa and Michigan.

Right now the seat Lake could run for is held by Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), a former Democrat who walked away from her party in December 2022 after slamming it for “rigid partisanship.” So far, Sinema hasn’t said whether she plans to run again next year.

Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) has already launched his campaign for the seat, and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has announced he’ll be running as a Republican candidate. However, Blake Masters — who ran for the Senate and lost in 2022 — doesn’t seem to have made his mind up yet. In late August sources close to him said he’d be starting his campaign soon, but so far nothing’s happened.

Many Republicans don’t believe Lake and Masters, who are both Trump loyalists, would run for the same seat. Is a Lake bid the reason Masters is holding off?

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