Kamala Harris Tweet Causes Outrage

Kamala Harris Tweet Causes Outrage

(RightWing.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris has kicked off a new controversy after sending a tweet about the administration’s coronavirus policy that left people knowing less than they had before.

On September 13, Harris tweeted a message urging Americans to help end the COVID pandemic by getting vaccinated, complying with testing and mask rules and, weirdly, protecting the vaccinated. Her message confused people because the thing about vaccinated people is that they’re already protected – by the vaccine.

Former Trump administration speechwriter Kyle Hooten made that point in a tweet of his own.


Meanwhile, Fox News journalist Kate Pavlich said it appeared as though the administration seemed to be trying to take credit for something the vaccine does.

In fact, the actions of some Democrats may have put people off the vaccines. When former President Donald Trump launched the Warp Speed program to develop a vaccine as fast as possible last year, many Democrats, including Biden and Harris, trashed the idea for political reasons. Now, they’re trying to take the credit. The problem is, Harris’s latest stunt will just make things worse. Many people will be wondering, if we still need to protect the vaccinated, what does the vaccine do, exactly?

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