Kamala Harris Attacks Early American Explorers

Kamala Harris Attacks Early American Explorers

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden recently issued a proclamation declaring October 11, 2021, as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Meanwhile, the rest of the country observed October 11 as it always has as Columbus Day. Vice President Kamala Harris quickly joined the observance of Biden’s faux holiday by launching an attack on early American explorers.

Harris initiated her attack during an October 12 speech at the 78th Annual Convention of the National Congress of Indians. She posted about the event on her Twitter account, lauding it as an opportunity to express the Biden administration’s commitment to ensuring Native Americans have a voice.

Harris began her remarks acknowledging the United States “has recognized the voyage of European explorers” to the Americas every October since 1934. Continuing, she said that wasn’t the “whole story.”

According to the vice president, their arrival led to a “wave of devastation” for America’s tribal nations. Harris claimed early American explorers promoted violence, stole tribal land, and spread disease.

Not yet satisfied, Harris also said America mustn’t “shy away from [its] shameful past.” Nope, it must shed light on the dirty deeds of explorers and “address the impact of the past” on the Native American communities of “today.”

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