Kamala Dips Out of 2020 Race

Kamala Dips Out of 2020 Race

Another one bites the dust!

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is the latest presidential hopeful who didn’t have enough steam to push forward. According to sources close to her campaign, Harris simply didn’t have the funding to continue all the way through 2020. In general, Democrats are struggling with funding compared to the Trump campaign.

Harris also didn’t have much else going for her aside from her constant anti-Trump sentiments. It seems that “orange man bad” isn’t a reliable platform for a presidential campaign. What a surprise.

This might be the most brutal presidential race in recent history. Twelve candidates have dropped out so far. Here’s a quick tally of those who just didn’t make the DNC’s cut.

With the field thinning down to six candidates currently qualified for the next DNC debate, maybe we’ll see some more “quality” conversations from our Democrat friends.

Maybe next week we’ll be so lucky as to witness another DNC candidate drop out of the race before the next debate!

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