Justices Reportedly in Danger After Leak

Justices Reportedly In Danger After Leak
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Supreme Court Justices In Danger

(RightWing.org) – On Monday, May 2, Politico released a leaked draft opinion of a US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case about abortion. The opinion draft by five conservative justices said that the Supreme Court must overturn its 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade and that the court must follow the US Constitution by returning the controversial issue to the people’s elected representatives. The leak shattered a longstanding tradition of strict secrecy in the court until it released rulings for public consumption.

Conservatives immediately called for an investigation into the leak. Some accused a left-wing operative of getting ahead of the court’s public ruling and violating SCOTUS protocols. Chief Justice John Roberts ordered a probe into the incident. The high court normally releases rulings in late June or early July, when the court’s term ends. It appears that at least some people believe conservative justices could be in danger of physical harm due to the leak.

Are Justices in Harm’s Way?

As soon as the Politico report broke of the leak, federal law enforcement officials put a barrier around the SCOTUS building. Hundreds of pro-choice protestors descended upon the court to protest the revelations the court could overturn Roe. The Daily Wire reported that the leak may have been intentional to target conservative justices.

Well-known conservative podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey said the leaker knew the conservative justices and their family’s lives would be threatened by left-wing protestors.

While the justices may have to deal with personal threats, they must also now deal with the Left’s attempt to delegitimize the court once again. In a statement, the chief justice confirmed the authenticity of the draft opinion. He also portrayed the betrayal as a crisis in confidence intended to undermine the integrity of the court’s operations. He said the leak would not interfere with the court’s decision or affect it in any way.

Democrats Come Out Swinging

Liberals hope to gain a tactical advantage over the leak. They believe it will do two things for them:

  1. Electrify their demoralized base to show up at the polls in November
  2. Delegitimize the court as fringe and out-of-touch with society, which will enable them to gather public support to pack the court

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden denounced the draft opinion. He called it radical and could threaten other rights, such as same-sex marriage. Still, others were more extreme. Progressive House Caucus chairwoman Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said she felt terror, fear, outrage, and disgust over the opinion. She claimed that the SCOTUS didn’t have the right to overrule Roe and said the view represented fascism in the court.

So, what is the court really saying in the draft opinion? Justice Samuel Alito insinuated that the 1973 Warren Court overextended its authority by legislating law from the bench that made abortion a national right. The Constitution doesn’t address abortion any more than it does education or public health safety. As such, the Warren Court violated the 10th Amendment in the 1973 ruling, and the opinion says the states have the sole responsibility for legislating abortion.

On a side note, Biden said he’ll ask Congress to codify Roe in law on Tuesday. Isn’t that what the opinion draft advocated for… the people’s representatives to pass laws, not justices making them up in violation of the separation of powers?

Stay tuned. This story will likely have twists and turns in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

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