Justice Sotomayor Wants People Familiar With FBI Crime Data Removed From Cases

Justice Sotomayor Wants People Familiar With FBI Crime Data Removed From Cases

(RightWing.org) – In 2020, a lot was thrown at America. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed Democrats to shut down economies in states, lockdown citizens, and erode cherished liberties such as freedom of religion. At the same time, the police murder of George Floyd sparked a national outcry against police brutality against black Americans. Protests and riots followed as the media introduced new ideas and words to Americans. These words would lead to an introduction to racial justice among the Left.

For decades, colleges and law schools studied and exposed students to Critical Race Theory (CRT). It’s a study of how racism shaped public policy and infected institutions such as government, corporations, and education. The consequences of CRT are also present in the judicial system. On Monday, April 18, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) declined to hear a case involving an inmate who claimed his case was influenced wrongly by the racial bias of a juror because of FBI statistics, not a held opinion or viewpoint.

Justice Sotomayor Dissents Because of Racial Bias

In 2018, a jury convicted Kristopher Love of capital murder, who challenged the conviction. A juror said during jury selection that FBI statistics show that non-whites are more violent than whites. Despite attempts by the defense to remove the juror from the jury, the judge overrode them because he gave them two opportunities to remove a juror before the trial for any reason.

Ultimately, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously upheld Love’s death sentence.

In a written dissent, Sonia Sotomayor said jurors who use factual FBI crime statistics should be prohibited from participating in capital murder cases because it’s racially biased. The liberal justice said one person’s use of racially biased facts (i.e., FBI crime statistics) helped convict the man of a crime and that racial bias is a grave threat to a fair justice system.

This line of thinking creates a challenge for the court system. As one of the nine most important judges in America, Sotomayor’s viewpoint holds an incredible weight among liberal judges in lower courts. Her view suggests that a juror should be uninformed, uneducated, and dissociated from any factual information because it’s tainted and biased.

How does that make for a justice system that is equal for everyone?

Sotomayor’s Decision Impacted by Views of Systemic Racism

So, the question is, did Love’s behavior cause the jury to convict him, or did racial bias?

Critical Race Theory teaches that institutions in the United States are systemically racist. It doesn’t direct racism at an individual; instead, it’s institutionalized. So, while society doesn’t tolerate racism, CRT teaches it’s bathed in it. It’s how Sotomayor can allege that a federal agency’s database or the law could lead one to racial bias.

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Harvey Mansfield, a Harvard professor of government, argued that systemic racism declares racism is unjust. Yet, it exists despite ourselves because it exists within the system. In this case, the system made the juror racially biased because the facts were racially biased. He wondered how that could happen.

Mansfield argued that systemic racism forces whites to change their behavior and thinking. Facts are only facts if a select few say they are facts. In this case, prosecutors proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to jurors that Love committed capital murder during an armed robbery. Racial bias did not make him commit the crime.

So, where is this line of thinking headed in the future?

Could it create different standards of justice instead of justice for all under the law?

You decide.

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