Justice Department Expects Hunter’s Gun Indictment This Month

(RightWing.org) – On August 11, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of US Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged illegal activities. He has been investigating Joe Biden’s son for allegations he committed tax fraud and peddled his father’s influence as vice president to overseas energy companies in Ukraine and China since 2018. A recent report indicated the Justice Department expects him to indict the younger Biden on a weapons charge by September 29.

On September 6, news reports exploded with the news that Weiss filed a three-page status report with the US District Court Judge overseeing a previous effort by his office and Hunter Biden’s attorneys to formalize a plea deal to resolve Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and gun charges. However, US District Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected that agreement, prompting Weiss’ appointment as special counsel.

Weiss’ filing advised the court that he intended to seek a grand jury indictment of the First Son on a felony firearms charge. His office has alleged that Hunter Biden lied on a federal form required to complete the purchase of a pistol in 2018. He indicated on that document that he wasn’t using drugs at the time — a claim he contradicted in his 2021 book, “Beautiful Things: A Memoir.”

The previous attempt to resolve Hunter Biden’s then-outstanding tax and weapons charge triggered a September 29 deadline under the Speedy Trial Act, necessitating Weiss’ move to seek an indictment a few weeks after his appointment as special counsel.

Presumably, this court update indicates that Weiss decided not to pursue the misdemeanor tax fraud charges he previously sought since that deadline applies to that case and the one involving Hunter Biden’s handgun purchase.

Whether Weiss could successfully prosecute Hunter Biden and win on appeal remains unclear. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the federal ban on drug users possessing guns violated the US Constitution, citing a 2022 Supreme Court decision expanding gun rights.

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