Justice Clarence Thomas Says Supreme Court May Be Compromised by Politics

Justice Clarence Thomas Says Supreme Court May Be Compromised by Politics

(RightWing.org) – During former President Donald Trump’s term, he had a unique opportunity to do something few presidents ever get to do. Since the 1940s, only Presidents Ronald Reagan and Trump chose three US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominees. Choosing a nominee is one of the most powerful decisions a president will ever make. They serve lifetime appointments and can transform government and society based on how they interpret the US Constitution.

In 2019 and 2020, Democratic presidential nominees debated whether or not to pack the SCOTUS. Court-packing is the latest Democratic attempt to legislatively add seats to the nation’s highest court to override the new 6-3 Republican-appointed majority. It’s not a popular idea among thoughtful individuals on both sides of the aisle for an apparent reason. It would make the court a political entity instead of a legal interpretive one. Now, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is warning about the Leftist agenda to transform the court, and says the words alone are costly even if they don’t have the votes in Congress to do it.

Clarence Thomas Warns the Left of Their Dangerous Agenda to Seek Outcomes Over the Constitution

The SCOTUS is at the center of the debate about the future of America. The founders created three branches of government to solve specific problems. At the core, they were concerned that any one individual or group could grow powerful and transform America into a monarchy. As the only court established by the US Constitution, the Supreme Court serves four primary purposes.

  1. Be a last resort for those seeking justice
  2. Ensure each branch of government maintains its lane and recognizes the limits of its power
  3. Protect civil rights and liberties by striking down laws that violate the Constitution
  4. Ensure that popular majorities can’t pass laws that harm minorities by changing the fundamental values common to Americans as found in the Bill of Rights

Many are concerned that the Left is no longer in alignment with the purposes of the high court. Among them is Justice Thomas. Recently, the conservative justice spoke before the Orrin G. Hatch Foundation. He said that packing the court is part of the Left’s agenda to structure the outcome of cases to meet their agenda instead of following the law. The end result is that the Supreme Court is a pseudo legislature without any accountability.

Thomas warned that merely talking about packing the court compromises it and threatens to turn it into a political institution, which the founders never intended it to become. If the Left gets its way, the SCOTUS will become nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Left, and the law will only mean what Liberals desire it to mean. Thomas said at that point, the court is no longer a court, and its rulings are not conducive to free and civil society.

Education Is a Core Problem for Society

Noah Webster once said every child in America should know the history of their country and should rehearse it. Benjamin Franklin said that a Bible, a newspaper, and a good school should be in every district for they are the principal support of virtue, morality, and civility.

It appears that Justice Thomas believes America has lost sight of that. He said that the lack of proper education in America is a leading contributor to the cultural problems that allow for political discussions about court-packing. He said if you don’t learn how to civilly engage with people in high school, elementary school, college, in the neighborhood, or in civic organizations, then how could there be civility in any branch of government?

Thomas wasn’t the only justice concerned about court-packing. Former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon, said in 2019 that packing the court would make it look partisan and ruin the independent judiciary – which is dependent on the public trust.

So, it appears that informed people on the Right and Left agree that court-packing is destructive to the court.

The question is, will far-left politicians get the message?

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