Julián Castro Finally Drops Out

Julián Castro Finally Drops Out

After roughly one year of campaigning and multiple threats to cancel his presidential bid due to lack of funding, Julián Castro has finally dropped out of the presidential race.

It seems that Castro finally came to his senses after he failed to make an appearance at the last DNC presidential debate of 2019. Even still, in his own words, Castro isn’t “done fighting” even though he’s “determined that it simply isn’t our time.” Castro certainly has taken a liking to uphill battles that he seems to know he has no chance of winning.

Or, maybe he’s just overly-optimistic to a fault.

What exactly is Castro planning to continue fighting for? Presumably, he’ll continue to advocate for his vision of deregulating crossings of the US-Mexico border and criminal justice reforms. If Castro accomplished only one goal during his presidential run, he shifted the Democrat’s conversations surrounding the border to be more “progressive.”

Either way, there are “only” 14 DNC candidates left on the field going into 2020.

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