Judges Bar Alex Jones From Criticizing the Trial

Judges Bar Alex Jones From Criticizing the Trial

Judges BAR Alex Jones From Defending Himself

(RightWing.org) – Conservative radio host Alex Jones is facing a defamation trial over his comments on the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. Now, two judges have made an astonishing series of rulings. In a case that’s all about free speech, the justices have effectively banned Jones from defending himself.

The families of several Sandy Hook victims are suing Jones for defamation over his claims that the atrocity was staged and nobody was actually killed. Jury selection for his trial began on July 25, but judges in Texas and Connecticut had already made a series of rulings that effectively destroy his ability to mount a defense. Among other things:

  • Jones cannot claim the First Amendment protected his comments. As the court ruled that his words could be seen as defamation, they’re legally actionable, and the judges argue that means the First Amendment is irrelevant.
  • He isn’t allowed to challenge his opponents’ claims.
  • Jones can’t claim the trial is rigged (even though the restrictions imposed by the judges are effectively rigging it).
  • He can’t claim the plaintiffs have made themselves public figures through media appearances. Public figures have less protection against defamation.
  • The court will instruct the jury to find any arguments about the sort of journalism practiced by Jones’s company, Infowars, to be “established in favor of the plaintiff.”

The whole case is about whether or not Jones has the right to free speech; now, the courts are banning him from using that argument, while the jury will be told to accept his opponents’ arguments as fact. His First, Fourteenth and arguably Fifth Amendment rights are all being ignored. This could happen to anyone. Is this justice in today’s America?

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