Judge Dismisses Mandated Vaccine Case

Judge Dismisses Mandated Vaccine Case

(RightWing.org) – Whether a person believes in vaccines or not, their emergence has kicked off a flurry of controversy. Governors and state assemblies of Republican-led states have been pushing back against the use of vaccine passports that discriminate against individuals choosing not to vaccinate. At the same time, workers are fighting back against work-mandated vaccinations.

A group of 178 employees of Houston’s Methodist Hospital were told they had until June 21 to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. Of those, 117 filed a lawsuit against the hospital claiming the mandate was unfair. They were suspended pending the outcome of the case. US District Judge Lynn Hughes upheld the hospital’s policy and dismissed the lawsuit on Saturday, June 12.

Judge Hughes rejected the plaintiffs’ claim that the vaccines in current use in the United States were experimental and potentially dangerous. The hospital’s staff members “are not participants in a human trial,” the judge wrote. Methodist Hospital administrators are trying to save lives without “giving [patients] the COVID-19 virus,” he added.

The decision to toss the case appears to be the first of its kind in a US courtroom. Jared Woodfill, the hospital workers’ lawyer, issued a statement Saturday afternoon stating that the case was “just one battle in a larger war” to protect workers’ right to be free from mandated vaccinations as a term of continued employment. Woodfill also vowed to take the case all the way to the US Supreme Court “if necessary.”

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