Joy Reid Falsely Claims Right To Bear Arms Is Code for the Right to Kill

Joy Reid Falsely Claims Right To Bear Arms Is Code for the Right to Kill

( – Liberal political commentator, author, and MSNBC host Joy Reid has a longstanding history of stirring up controversy. She came under fire in 2017 for a series of posts she made a few years before on her now-defunct blog mocking politicians and journalists using gay tropes and others declaring their opposition to same-sex marriage. She also came under fire for remarks aimed at Jewish people. In 2020, she referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence,” an apparent reference to “Uncle Tom.” Most recently, she came under attack for falsely claiming that gun rights activists were using the second amendment as code for the right to kill.

On May 17, Reid took to the airwaves on her primetime MSNBC program to tear into Republicans in the wake of local election results from the night before. Democrats managed to hang onto their majority in the Pennsylvania House, Philadelphia was set to elect a liberal mayor, and a Democrat won Jacksonville, Florida’s mayoral contest.

Reid lashed out at Republicans, claiming their “brand is toxic —- even deadly.” She said American voters don’t embrace the GOP’s stance on abortion rights and gun control. “People undergoing dangerous miscarriages don’t want to be turned away at emergency rooms,” she proclaimed, adding that “parents don’t want their… kids learning how to [bandage] bleeding wounds during a mass shooting.” Yet, the Republican Party doesn’t understand why they aren’t winning elections.

Ramping up her attack, Reid said Republican candidates calling themselves “pro-life” is “laughable gaslighting” at this point. Then, turning her attention to gun rights, Reid said the Right’s embrace of the “right to bear arms” is a thinly veiled code for “the right to kill” anyone they want with an “AR-15 or [their] bare hands.”

Reid concluded her remarks by stating American voters are proving that Republican-held beliefs aren’t what they want.

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