Journalist Sues Antifa For Assault

Journalist Sues Antifa For Assault

( – In 2019, photojournalist Andy Ngo attended a protest in Portland, Oregon where the Leftist group Antifa was protesting a conservative rally. Unfortunately, the reporter was not welcome, and the violent far-Left group attacked him. Ngo is now fighting back.

The attack on Andy Ngo was all caught on video. The world saw masked, supposed anti-fascists kicking, punching and pouring a milkshake on the journalist.

Ngo is now suing Rose City Anifa for the assault. Attorney Harmeet Dhillon of the Center for American Liberty filed the lawsuit on June 4 in Oregon’s Multnomah County. It accuses the organization of stalking and assaulting Ngo, as well as inflicting emotional stress on him. The suit is asking for $900,000 in damages.

The lawsuit isn’t the only thing Antifa needs to worry about. Federal authorities are looking into the group’s activities as well, and earlier this week, President Donald Trump said the US was designating them a terrorist organization.

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