Jon Stewart Falsely Claims Trump Was Planning a “Military Coup”

Jon Stewart Falsely Claims Trump Was Planning a

( – Comedian and political commentator Jon Stewart rose to fame during his six-year run as the host of Comedy Central’s faux news program “The Daily Show,” ending in 2015. In late 2021, Stewart launched “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” a podcast hosted by Apple and cross-posted on YouTube. He falsely claimed during a recent episode that former President Donald Trump had planned a “military coup.”

On January 18, Stewart conducted a remote interview with historian and author Anne Applebaum on his program to discuss Brazil’s recent insurrection and other attacks on democracy worldwide. Naturally, the conversation turned to the riot at the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

Stewart praised the failed House Select Committee hand-picked by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to investigate events surrounding the January 6 incident, thanking the panel for “whatever accountability will be brought to bear” against participants.

Stewart marveled at what he described as the amount of “administration” and “conversation” it takes to “undermine a healthy democracy.” He also discussed lawyers and the like were needed as part of that process.

Remarkably, he hinted that members of the Trump administration conspired to retain power by launching a “military coup.” However, he didn’t directly accuse them of following through with those plans but accused White House officials of “laying the groundwork” for one.

Curiously, the Select Committee’s final report detailing the findings of its roughly 18-month inquiry failed to mention the possibility of a “military coup” once. In fact, the only references to a coup were a couple of notations related to a federal judge’s ruling in a civil case filed by former Trump attorney and advisor John Eastman.

Eastman filed the case to block the January 6 committee from obtaining copies of his emails from the period surrounding the riot. US District Judge David O. Carter wrote that the actions taken by Eastman and Trump to push back against the 2020 election results amounted to “a coup in search of a legal theory.”

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