John Kerry Issues Threat to Oil Companies

John Kerry Issues Threat To Oil Companies

( – Former Secretary of State John Kerry, now serving as the Biden administration’s climate envoy, put the US oil and gas industry on notice on Tuesday: Promote the green agenda or be shut out. Kerry’s astonishing rant at the energy industry is an alarming sign the far-left is steadily taking control.

Talking at the CERAWeek energy industry conference on March 2, Kerry warned energy companies they need to be looking at how to “become not an oil-and-gas company” – despite the fact the American economy depends on those two fuels. Kerry urged companies to invest in clean energy, alternative fuels and carbon-free hydrogen, none of which are widely used. He complained, “there is still some resistance to this transition.”

He’s right about that, at least. Energy companies were quick to point out that there’s no real alternative to oil and gas right now. They also reminded Kerry that what matters are carbon emissions, not the types of fuel consumed – and US oil companies are investing heavily in becoming carbon-neutral without cutting off the supply of oil. The oil companies have to exist in the real world, where businesses and ordinary Americans need fuel to live. Multimillionaire Kerry, whose family owns a private jet, can afford to let his green ideology run wild.

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