John Fetterman’s Health Poses Noticeable Issues

John Fetterman's Health Poses Noticeable Issues

( – Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) is back at work after spending weeks in the hospital. Unfortunately, his most recent performance has raised new doubts about his fitness to carry out his job. Fetterman is already getting special assistance to help him — but is it enough?

On April 17, Fetterman returned to work after a weeks-long absence, and since then, he’s been trying to find a way to reconcile his workload and his health issues. For example, the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms has equipped Fetterman’s desk in the Senate chamber with a live caption monitor, so he can read what’s being said. He’s also been given a special tablet, which again displays captions so that he can follow responses to his questions in committee meetings. This is necessary because, since his 2022 stroke, Fetterman has “auditory processing issues” — in other words, he can’t follow what people are saying to him.

Unfortunately, it seems that, even with all his technological assistance, Fetterman is finding it difficult to handle his job. On May 16, he attended a Senate Banking Committee meeting, where he tried to question a former Silicon Valley Bank executive. The senator’s questions were disjointed and hard to understand; for example, he asked if we should continue “bailing and sailing” banks, then seemed to get confused between banks and food stamps.

Since Fetterman took over as Pennsylvanoa’s junior senator on January 15, he’s missed a lot of time due to health issues. On February 8, he had to leave a Democratic retreat because he felt light-headed and spent two nights in the hospital.

He returned to work, but just days later, on February 15, he checked himself into Walter Reed Hospital to be treated for clinical depression. He was discharged on March 31, but Congress was in recess, so he didn’t go back to work until mid-April. In total, since he took his seat, he’s spent 47 days in the hospital and just 60 doing the job he’s paid $174,000 a year to do. Pennsylvania’s citizens deserve a full-time senator, but so far, Fetterman doesn’t qualify.

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