John Durham’s Probe Will Not Pursue John Brennan’s Prosecution (REPORT)

John Durham’s Probe Will Not Pursue John Brennan’s Prosecution (REPORT)

( – John Brennan betrayed the trust of the American people by allegedly abusing his power as director of the CIA and illegally targeting President Donald Trump with a hoax investigation. But despite Brennan’s deplorable behavior, it looks like he’s going to get away with it.

According to a report from NPR, US Attorney John Durham is not expected to go after Brennan or pursue criminal charges against him. The news comes as a big disappointment for Americans who believe that Durham illegally targeted Donald Trump in the politically-motivated Russia witch hunt.

John Brennan Is Apparently Off the Hook

NPR spoke to a source with information about the investigation and they said Durham asked for an interview with Brennan. The former CIA director was told prosecutors are not targeting him.

That’s one more allegedly corrupt official off the hook. In May, Attorney General Bill Barr said he doesn’t think Barack Obama or Joe Biden will be prosecuted either. The fact that all of these people may get off scot free, might lead some to wonder if the investigation is being rigged by the Deep State.

During an August 13 interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, the host wondered if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was a means to cover it up. President Donald Trump discussed the witch hunt and then said he hopes the Durham report won’t be “politically correct.”

The report from the Durham investigation is expected as early as next month. Hopefully, it names ALL of the guilty parties, so the president can finally get justice.

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