Joe’s Piggy Bank Is Hurting

Joe's Piggy Bank is Hurting

With the massive amount of money required to run a successful political campaign, one would think that former VP Joe Biden would take 2020 a little more seriously. After all, he should have access to plenty of funding with his connections to the Democrat establishment. Of all the presidential candidates, Joe Biden should have no issues getting the funding his campaign needs.

Emphasis on SHOULD.

In reality, it looks like Biden is going broke sooner than anyone had anticipated.

Biden ended the month of September with a bank balance of less than $9 million after running a deficit for three months. Even though Biden is the frontrunner, he’s well behind Warren’s $27.5 million and Bernie’s $33.7 million. Not only is this a sign of premature campaign problems due to funding issues, but it also shows a drop in energy and momentum (hence the nickname “Sleepy Joe”).

For all of his talk about Liberal policies and “fixing” America, Biden sure doesn’t seem to know how to balance his own budget. How exactly does he plan to make America wealthier and healthier if his own affairs aren’t in order?

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