Joe Biden’s Audio Cut Suddenly

Joe Biden's Audio Cut Suddenly

( – Joe Biden appears to have trouble meeting with press members. He spent a considerable portion of the 2020 campaign cycle holed up in his Delaware basement. Then, he followed up by taking 64 days to hold his first in-person press conference after assuming office. White House staffers repeatedly try to isolate him from the media, going as far as shutting down his microphone on several occasions.

On November 30, White House staff members shut off Biden’s mic while he was still talking to reporters after signing four veterans bills. Then, making matters worse, they started blasting loud music through the public address system, signaling everyone to vacate the premises.

Turning Point USA contributor, Danny De Urbina, posted a short clip of the incident. He also noted the video shows Biden pulling down his mask to speak with reporters, violating his mask mandate on federal property.

Newsmax also covered the signing ceremony and posted an additional clip showing ‘sleepy Joe’ appearing to nod off while signing one of the bills.

No matter how one looks at the situation, Biden has a problem. Worst case scenario, there’s a compelling reason why his staff keeps him separated from journalists. Best case, his handlers undermine him by repeatedly creating incidents like these. Either way, there’s something very wrong. What do you think should be done?

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