Joe Biden Wants Congress to Extend Ban on Evictions

Joe Biden Wants Congress to Extend Ban on Evictions

( – The Biden administration seems determined to drag out anti-coronavirus restrictions as long as possible, no matter how much harm it does to the US economy. Now Biden and company are tightening the screws on landlords.

On July 29, the White House asked Congress to pass an emergency law extending the CDC’s ban on evictions for non-payment of rent – a ban introduced last September, at the height of the pandemic, but widely seen as inappropriate now. This June, the Supreme Court ruled the ban could stay in place, but an opinion by Justice Brett Kavanaugh said the CDC had exceeded its authority and the ban shouldn’t be extended unless Congress legislated — meaning Biden can’t do it by himself. Now the administration wants that legislation passed.

When President Trump allowed CDC to ban evictions, there were clear reasons for it. With the whole country in lockdown and millions of people out of work, evictions would have massively increased homelessness. Now, however, a majority of US adults are vaccinated, and the economy is slowly returning to life. In fact, businesses across the US are desperately trying to find staff – but too many states are still paying extra unemployment benefits reducing the incentive to work.

With so many job vacancies now open, there’s no reason why anyone who wants to work can’t pay their rent on time. There are even rental assistance programs available.

Extending the eviction ban while paying people to stay at home puts landlords in a very difficult position. Their tenants can simply stop paying, live in their homes for free — and the government will protect them from eviction.

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