Joe Biden Under Attack by ABC for Lack of Transparency

Joe Biden Under Attack by ABC for Lack of Transparency

( – Barack Obama signed two presidential memoranda promoting transparency by government officials on his first day in office. Joe Biden rounded the midway point in his first 100 days in office without even a whisper about the topic.

He hadn’t even held a solo press conference yet, as ABC News pointed out in a fiery article posted on March 11. According to ABC, no other president took that long in nearly 100 years.

The “tough exchanges” resulting from a solo press conference can reveal far more about a president’s thinking than Biden’s short, “often one-liner quips,” provided at the highly scripted events where he typically only answered one or two questions.

His absence in front of reporters has raised concerns on both sides of the aisle. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) pointed out his lack of press conferences during a recent Fox News interview, suggesting that perhaps Kamala Harris already started her “transition” to running the White House.

Bill Clinton’s former press secretary told ABC News that conducting presidential press conferences was “an indispensable part of the presidency.” Perhaps ABC News should relay that information to the White House.

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