Joe Biden to Let Transgenders Serve in American Military

Joe Biden to Let Transgenders Serve in American Military

( – The Biden administration seems to be focused on two things so far — pandering to special interest groups in the name of identity politics and undoing the unprecedented number of accomplishments of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Joe Biden had an opportunity to do both when he repealed the “discriminatory ban” on transgender people serving in the US armed services. He tweeted about the decision, boasting America would be safer as a result of his January 25 executive order.

However, there are a couple of problems with Biden’s claims. Firstly, former President Donald Trump issued his 2017 ban out of concern regarding the medicals costs associated with maintaining a standing army with transgender members.

Secondly, distractions like medical costs and other disruptions would undermine the military’s ability to provide for the nation’s national defense.

With less than a week in office, Biden has undermined the nation’s energy sector with his cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline XL project and decision to reenter the Paris Climate Agreement. Now he’s working to undermine national security and defense strategies by rejoining the Iranian nuclear deal and through his decision to revoke Trump’s ban on transgender individuals in the military.

What will he target next?

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