Joe Biden Threatens to VETO Key Legislation

Joe Biden Threatens to VETO Key Legislation

( – The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe recently denounced the use of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, except as a last resort. As Hans Kluge explained, governments should consider the effect forced vaccines could have on public trust. Disregarding that advice, on December 7, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters President Joe Biden would veto any legislature nullifying his COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Psaki described opponents of the president’s mandate as anti-vaxxers. Continuing, she told reporters Biden administration officials hoped Congress would stand up for the president’s policy and support the effort to impose mandatory vaccines and testing on American workers.

Curiously, the Biden administration continues to stick to its guns over mandates despite repeated rejections of their constitutionality by federal courts.

On December 8, the US Senate passed a measure nullifying Biden’s proposed directive requiring private companies to require workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, receive routine testing, or face losing their jobs.

The measure passed 52 to 48, with Democrats Joe Manchin (WV) and Jon Tester (MT) siding agreeing with all 50 Republicans. Although some experts consider the measure symbolic, it does serve to put senators on the record as either toeing the party line or standing up for personal freedoms.

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