Joe Biden Tells Migrants “Don’t Come” Despite Letting Them In

Joe Biden Tells Migrants

( – If you want to prank someone, ask them to explain Joe Biden’s immigration policy. It seems to turn on a dime without any rhyme or reason. It’s gotten so bad, his contradictions have contradictions. Let’s take a look at his latest round of confusion.

Biden has done everything in his power to dismantle Donald Trump’s tough position on immigration. On his first day in office, he issued a proclamation canceling Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency at the nation’s southern border.

His actions sent a solid message to migrants — one they heard loud and clear. They started arriving at the border wearing T-shirts and waving signs reading “Biden, Please Let Us In!”

So the crisis at the border increased. Biden refused to go to the border to witness what was happening. Criticism mounted, so he went to ABC News and urged migrants not to come to the border. “Don’t leave your town,” he said. Yet, actions speak louder than words, and his open border policy remains intact.

Here’s the kicker: If Biden can’t manage his own borders, how can any other world leader view him as an effective foreign policy leader?

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