Joe Biden Sending Checks to 150,000 Japanese Citizens

Joe Biden Sending Checks to 150,000 Japanese Citizens

( – Joe Biden appears to think the US Treasury is something akin to a credit card with no limit. He’s proposed spending trillions on COVID-19 relief, a leftist wishlist he calls infrastructure, and child tax credits with no idea how to pay the bill when it arrives. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out his administration has sent out roughly $200 million to non-Americans overseas.

On May 17, The Nikkei, a Japanese economics newspaper, reported that Japanese citizens no longer living in the United States have received a COVID-19 stimulus check thanks to the Biden administration.

Before 2005, Japanese citizens working in the US paid Social Security withholding like regular Americans. When the IRS started sending out COVID-19 stimulus checks, it relied on Social Security Administration data. For some reason, about 150,000 Japanese citizens who had not been in the US for years started receiving checks.

The IRS said any foreign nationals who received a payment need to send the money back. It declined to state what penalty if any recipients who already cashed the checks might have to pay.

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